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We're  part of getting Bristol connected through our support for the charity Learning Everywhere

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We're partnered with Swindon Teaching Schools for all Appropriate Body certification


Everyone within, and associated to, Lighting up Learning is an active practitioner and dedicated to connecting, collaborating and ultimately changing the educational landscape. We now work in three distinct teams to focus our energy and expertise. From early years support and training within Teaching Futures; personal and team development from Coaching Partners, to building enquiry-lead, local learning with Curious-city across all ages and stages.

Charlotte Proctor, Associate Consultant, Teacher and 5:11 Consultant Operations Manager


Working in challenging, inner-city schools with learners from around the world, across social spectrums and with learning needs, Charlie is an outstanding teacher. She is dedicated to learning and action research which has made her an expert in Mastery-led Learning

Nicholas has been an EYFS teacher, Executive Coach, Principal and Change Consultant for many years. His firm belief is that we can, and should, enhance education to be an engaging, communicative process, where teachers and leaders are inspired to innovate. Everything we do at Lighting up Learning is geared towards giving practitioners the time and the tools to make this possible.


As well as his work for Lighting up Learning, he currently leads the School Direct Primary PCGE Programme for the Cabot Learning Federation, is part-time Assistant Principal at Wallscourt Farm Academy and also works as part of the British Council School Leadership Team.

Nicholas Garrick, Director

Helping new teachers and anyone who wants to progress or take on new challenges

Enabling teams, individuals or organisations to resolve issues or gain the benefits of coaching skills

Probably the most important person in the company, Sam's ability to see both macro and micro is extraordinary. She is able to keep track of Nicholas' thinking as well as support and challenge the team. She is an integral part of Lighting up Learning and we could go as far as to say that it would not function without her!

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Connect the people in education to form networks for support and discussion        Collaborate with institutions and individuals on projects great and small       Change the way we learn and teach for the better

By teachers, for teachers

Samantha Wilson, PA to Nicholas & Company Secretary

Teaching Futures Logo Coaching Partners (2)

Mark Stinchcombe, Associate Consultant & Teacher


Predominately focused on developing the next generation of teachers, Mark's skills in facilitation are excellent; he gets the best out of people through non-assuming, subtle approaches.  Mark is Primary Programme Mentor for the Cabot Learning Federation School Direct PGCE, a computing genius and still has his feet firmly on the ground in the classroom too.

Celia Jenkins, Associate Consultant & Teacher


An inspirational teacher and enquiry-led learning champion, Celia is focused on making curriculum experiences inspiring for both learners and teachers. As a Heritage Ambassador she is particulary interested in local, area-based learning.

Harriet Attwood, Associate Consultant & Coach


As an experienced Executive Coach, Harriet's natural stance is to listen and enable people to think. Having designed coaching programmes and trained mentors, she is both a trainer and facilitator. Harriett's main role with Lighting up Learning is in the delivery of The Coaching Programme.

Kris Hancock,

Team Leader


Focused on getting the best out of people, Kris' skills centre on listening and encouraging. As an Executive Coach he is an advocate of being solution-focused. Currently Kris delivers Level 1 of Lighting up Learning's The Coaching Programme.

Womble, MD of LupL Europe & Moral Support


Womble is a working school dog but her duties for Lighting up Learning consist mostly of lying on laps, getting in the way of typing hands, developing new continental markets and sniffing things.

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And finally, working across all teams

Chris Elmes,

PR & Communications


Chris is in charge of getting the word out about anything that Lighting up Learning is doing, as well as maintaining the website content

Our three teams (and the dog)

The company was founded by Nicholas Garrick, out of his frustration that education was leaning too much towards assessing teaching and not enough about inspiring learning. As the sector becomes stymied by political posturing, he believes creativity and curiosity are being lost. Since 2009, Lighting up Learning has worked with individuals, schools, national projects and overseas governments to create sustainable change and apply the same values to everything we do: Connect, Collaborate, Change.  

Suzanne Hedger, Associate Consultant & Heritage Specialist


Suzanne has been part of the Heritage Schools programme for a number of years, first as an experienced teacher then as consultant. She works with a group of teachers focused on enhancing school curricula using heritage and culture. A natural facilitator, Suzanne is Lead Heritage Ambassador for Lighting up Learning.

An enquiry-lead curriculum

inspiring local engagement between schools and their area

Curious City (2)

Ali Camp, Team Leader


As a teacher with bundles of energy and ideas, Ali's gift is in lateral thinking and making the seemingly challenging happen. Curious-city draws on all her experience in the classroom and as a Heritage Ambassador.

All our Curious Collaborators


Curious -cityTM works because we're getting everyone involved. If you've got anything locally-focused that kids can learn from, we want to hear from you.

It's completely free too. We just want to provide Curious-city schools with the best learning eperiences that the city has to offer.

Kate Gager,

Coaching and leadership expert


Kate is a motivating and inspiring coach with over 500 hours of coaching experience. She holds the Institute of Leadership Management (ILM) Level 7 Award in Leadership Mentoring and Executive Coaching, is an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development and holds the Certificate of Training Practice qualification.