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We're partnered with Swindon Teaching Schools for all Appropriate Body certification

Coaching as an agent of change

Coaching is about more than imparting a skill or the effectiveness of an organisation. It's about building relationships, embedding a culture of support and encouraging people to be more reflective and self-sufficient.


We work with you to fully understand what you need from coaching and then provide it in such a way that it stays with you as a sustainable, positive change to the way you work.


We have years of experience in the team, incuding coaching within education, heritage and the business sector. We understand that every context and situation is different, so we're keen to talk to you about exactly what you're looking for and how we can help.

With a big 'C'

With a little 'c'

Coaching from experienced professionals to enable individuals and organisations grow

Coaching Partners (2)

1:1 EYFS supervision

Minimum required supervision

Enhance skills

Improve communication and collaboration

Coaching skills for managers

Give leaders the skills to support and develop their staff

Developing coaching culture

Make a collaborative coaching mentality central to your organisation

Coaching skills for teachers

Bring coaching to the clasroom and staffroom

Internal/external coaching qualification

(ILM endorsed)


Have a recognised, trained coach at your organisation

Creates supportive coaching cultures

- Three 2hr


- 2 half days 2-5:30pm

- any number of attendees

(min 5 max 12)



- Min 5 to max 12


£150 per person

At our Bristol  base

- 4 half days

- Min 5 to max 12

£375 per person




At your organisation

- 8 twilight sessions

- Any number attendees

(min 5 max 12)


Our training...

Creates internal and external coaches

Improves communication

Develops problem solving skills

Improves management techniques

Enhances leadership potential

Creates acute self-awareness

Helps people manage new challenges

Emerging/middle leadership

Prepare future leaders for new challenges and roles

At your organisation


- 8 twilight sessions

- Any number of attendees

(min 5 max 12)


Our coaching...

Need something bespoke or not sure where to start?

We understand that sometimes you may not be sure what you need, but you know there is a need for change.

We can audit what you might need, when and how.

Skills individuals in conflict handling

Prepares an individual to progress

Develops resilience

Enhances communication

Pulls teams together

Identifies blind spots

Gives guidance and solutions

Our supervision...

Helps coaches enhance practice

Provides in-house support

Fulfils EYFS regulations

Support & oversight for coaches or EYFS practictioners

1 to 1 or group sessions focusing on specific goals

 Coaching skills for individuals and teams (little c) or becoming a certified coach (big C)




1 to 1


At our Bristol base


- 4 half days

- Min 5 to max 12

£375 per person

-Four 1hr sessions





1:1 coaching supervision

Enhance practice through guidance and support

Group supervision

Feedback and support for multiple coaches


Help teachers that need extra support and training

Transformational leadership

Give leaders skills to inspire and support their teams

Extend capacity

Increase the efficiency and flexibility of a team

Establish a new team

Instil coaching practices at an early stage



Partnership of schools or MAT

In some cases we can make courses more cost-effective by grouping together attendees from various institutions. Please contact us to see what we can arrange for you.


per session


per session

Looking after your mental health

From September, BACP registered psychotherapist Alyson Marlor will be offering counselling sessions of huge benefit to the wellbeing of staff at any level. Please contact us for rates and availability.