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Curious City

Enquiry-led, local learning written by teachers to develop curious learners and creative education

Become a Curious Collaborator

The Curious-city™ Curriculum

Written by teachers for teachers, the Curious-city™ curriculum not only inspires and guides schools to create contextually relevant curriculum experiences, it can also provide a bespoke, locally-focussed solution that satisfies the National Curriculum 2014... and then some!


Our curriculum is a relationship, not a contract. Regular updates, top-ups of enquiries and fresh inspiration are all part of the one-off cost, along with access to ideas, guidance and a full range of enquiries for the whole school, mapped against themes that bring your area to life. Although we say "city", we really mean anywhere that people are gathered together to learn, and we firmly believe that informative, inspiring experiences can happen wherever you are.


Curious-city™  enhances the National Curriculum, drawing on an area's cultural, historical and scientific resources to provide a framework enabling schools to inspire teachers, connect children to their local area and create curious learners.

Curious Collaborators are the cornerstone of the curriculum. If you run, or know of, a cultural, heritage or any other learning opportunity, then we want to hear about it. We can help create the materials and enquiries that will make you a part of the Curious-city™  learning movement!

The Curious-city™ curriculum

There are seven themes:

Is from EYFS to Year Six

Is localised and place-based

Develops curious learners

My City

Future City

Playful City

Moving City

Wild City

Creative City

Giving City









Embeds enquiry-led learning

Promotes real learning in real contexts

And it ...

Is broad and balanced

Includes British Values, SMSC and sensitive subjects

Meets national curriculum expectations

How about an example?

Let's take the Wild City theme.


Year 4 learners could be challenged to answer: "What makes us different?".

Explored through portraiture in Art, research into adaptation in Science and migration in Geography, learners would explore how humans and animals are similar and how we have adapted to suit different habitats and climates.


From school...

Into the local area...

Learners could visit a zoo or something smaller right on your doorstep, where using the activities and contacts suggested in the enquiries, they would collect ideas and information to help them answer the question.


Whilst there learners, as Scientists, meet the on-site Vet or Animal Supervisor to question them about animals and their career.




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And back again

Having met some of the Curious Collaborators (individuals and organisations sugned up to Curious-city™), learners may work on a challenge, such as creating a media campaign or visitors' guide, and present their ideas at an open event in school. A Curious Collaborator could even visit the school to choose one to turn into an actual published guide.

Through states of being:

The Basics

Becoming a Curious-city™ school





Decide what level of content to begin with:




Create a culture of curiosity

Develop skills and knowledge of staff to get the most out Curious-city™

Build capacity in staff and leaders to make Curious-city™ sustainable

Then... choose the support option that suits you best:

- All support options cost from £1750 and address different needs

Free refills!

Discuss bespoke options

If you have specific requirements or want to discuss how to integrate Curious-city™ into your existing practices, then please get in touch amd we'll talk it through.

Is a one-off cost, no contract

Using the seven Curious-city™ themes, REFRESH can provide inspiration to revitalise an existing curriculum or kick-start a new approach.


- Hints, tips and guidance for each theme


- Ideas of who to contact to enhance areas of the curriculum


- Suggested enquiry questions for whole school approaches


- An example of a Line of Enquiry for one of the themes of the setting’s choosing


- Initial audit to gauge potential, capacity and sustainability


- Launch video and notes to share during a staff meeting or INSET

Including everything in the REFRESH package, REFOCUS aims to help staff to localise, update and refresh existing curricula planning.


- Dos and don’ts of certain themes


- Suggested providers, people and places to enhance themes


- Enquiry questions for each of the themes


- 7 examples of a Line of Enquiry; one per year group around a specific theme.

Going deeper into the seven themes, REVIVE provides a fully localised, enquiry-led, place-based approach for all year groups.


- 49 localised enquiries – seven per year group (including EYFS)


- Specific contact details of people, places and organisations to enhance enquiries


-  ‘Curious Corners’ in and around the school’s building and grounds


- Guaranteed National Curriculum 2014 Coverage


- Face-to-face staff meeting or INSET


- Regular updates and new enquiries


- Audit to assess impact


- INSET launch

- 2 x staff meetings during the year following audit recommendations

- Termly drop-in surgery sessions for staff through year

- ½ day support for school’s Curriculum Lead to help establish practice

- Health check either at start, mid or end of year with report

- ½ day PPA session with consultant for each year group team

- Curious-city™ curriculum policy and curriculum map provided

- 2 x subject knowledge enhancement staff meetings

- 2 x skill and pedagogy enhancement staff meetings

- 3 x ½ day support for school’s Curriculum Lead to help embed practice

- Health check either at start, mid or end of year with report

- Multiple packages bought at the same time

- School Partnerships or Multi-Academy Trusts

- Teaching Schools when bought as part of Teaching Futures ITE or NQT Best Practice package

- Individual schools when purchasing packages from associated Projects: Teaching Futures or Coaching Partners.

Schools can choose one of three levels of Curious-city™ content, beginning with a minimal introduction and moving on to more transformative engagement, alongside how they wish to be supported to enhance and embed practice. The fee is not a license, but a one-off cost, unlike other  more commercial products. All learning enquiries will be refreshed regularly at no extra cost to the school. A fourth, bespoke model, focussed on the uniqueness of the school and its community, is available on request.




Examples of how Curious-city™ could work...

A school may wish to choose the REVIVE Curious-city™ package with the ESTABLISH approach in the first year. This would cost £5,200 + VAT.


In year two, they may engage in an ENHANCE approach, helping to embed practice across the school.


Alternatively, they may begin with REFOCUS and  ENHANCE, freshening up the curriculum and skilling staff.

Discounts available for...

Talk to us about bringing Curious-city™  into your school

We'll be coming up with inspiring new enquiries every year and distributing them to all Curious-city™ schools at no extra cost., to help you make sustainable change