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Curriculum Innovation

Responding to requests from Head teachers, teachers and support assistants (both in post and training), these sessions aim to improve a person's questioning skills for deeper learning.

Creating a Bristol Curriculum


Every school should have its own curriculum that reflects the local area, its heritage, stories, culture and community. During the session we will explore ways to go about this using experienced teachers and experts.


The session explores:

-  Obejcts, people and places that might be included                                

-  What has already been done in this area

-  How other schools have approached this

-  Projects and organisations that can help and support


Facilitator: Nicholas Garrick

All day session

Groups of staff

On your site


£200 per half day or £400 per day

in your setting depending on length of session

Four offers available...

Experienced in one of two ways...

Individual staff

Paintworks, BS4 3EH


£75 per half day or £150 per day 

per person

depending on length of session

* Required

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Bespoke Curriculum


As every school is different, the way in which the curriculum is enacted must also be different. From Core curriculum content, to the way it is packaged and boxed up, through to timetabling and evidence trails, we can help create a unique curriculum specific to the needs of your setting.


Schools we have recently worked with:

- The Kingfisher Academy

- Luckwell Primary School

- St. Stephen's Junior School,

- Wallscourt Farm Academy

- Glenfrome Primary School

- St. Barnabas Primary School


Contact us using the form below to discuss further.

Taking a curriculum outside


Building the confidence of teachers from EYFS to GCSE is something we are passionate about. After three years of leading the Bristol Learning In Natural Environments collaboration, we have a plethora of tools and knowledge to share.


The session explores:

-  Practical tools to take away and share with others the next day!                          

-  Understanding more deeply the underlying complexities of teachers taking chidlren outside

-  How other schools have approached this

-  Practical activities in green space very close by (bring wellies!).


Facilitator: Nicholas Garrick

All day session


Taking an enquiry-led curriculum further


Over the last 8 years, we have worked with numerous schools to successfully embed enquiry-led learning practices in their schools. The feedback is amazing and we want to offer the leaders of these schools the chance to work together, challenge each other and, with new input from us, take the enquiry-led concepts further.


The session explores:

-  Principles of enquiry                      

-  Different ways of enhancing current practice

- Possible layers to add to existing curriculum approaches


Facilitator: Nicholas Garrick

All day session