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Mastery-led learning

Responding to requests from Head teachers and Senior Leaders, these sessions will give participants the opportunity to either catch up with recent developments or keep up with current thinking and local interpretations of the mastery agenda.

Introduction to 'mastery'


Designed as a 'catch-up' for practitioners who may have missed previous training, are unfamiliar with or are new to the mastery agenda. The session will look at the five basic principles of mastery-led learning and school-based case studies.


The session explores:

-  What 'mastery' is (and what it is not!)                            

-  Five basic principles, such as 'No child left behind' and   'chunking' learning

-  Growth mindset, resilience and independence

-  How different schools have implemented 'mastery'


Facilitator: Charlie Proctor

Session lasts 4 hours

£80 per person

Three offers available...

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English and mastery-led learning


Mastery and Maths is well established in most schools, however English less so. Seemingly more complex to apply similar principles, the group will be provided with thinking prompts to share and support each other in order to make changes in home settings.


The sessions explore:

-  Differences between mastery in Maths and English                      

-  Models of mastery within the English curriculum

- How the English and wider curriculum might be affected by using mastery-led learning approaches,


Facilitator: Nicholas Garrick & Charlie Proctor

Each session lasts 3 hours, 5 sessions in total

£250 per setting (up to three people can attend from one setting)

Going deeper into mastery-led learning


Deepening learning can be achieved in multiple ways. This session will help those already familiar with 'mastery-led learning' to explore different interpretations of deepening and how to create opportunities in sessions and subjects.


The session explores:

-  Differences between 'mastery', 'mastering' and 'mastered'                                

-  Models of questioning to deepen thinking

- Different session structures to enable deepening within subjects and across the curriculum.


Facilitator: Nicholas Garrick

10:00 - 16:00 on 01/12/16

£150 per person


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