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NQTs, RQTs and the trainee teacher

Supporting those new to teaching or recently qualified to be successful, confident practitioners is critical if we are to break the pattern of 40% of teachers leaving the profession within the first 5 years of qualifying, with a further 30% considering leaving.


Support in a range of ways is crucial and is every school leader's responsibility. Most mentors have never had training but in our experience are a critical part of the early warning system needed for those who may be vulnerable.

New to Teaching Network


Connecting and collaborating with those in similar positions to you whilst guided by experts and experienced practitioners is what this group is all about.


The sessions explore:

-  Good 'v' Outstanding Teaching Standards                                

-  Age and stage questioning

-  Questioning Matrix

-  Questioning approaches for specific learning difficulties



Six twilight sessions (16:30 - 18:30)

Facilitator: Jane Robinson

£250 per person for all six sessions

At our training venue or your choice

Three offers available...

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Coaching with a little 'c'

Skills to mentor others


An introduction to coaching and straight forward coaching techniques to help mentor those new to teaching.


The session covers:

-  Coaching and mentoring                                    

-  Purposeful questionning

-  Pausing and empowerment

-  Posivitely challenging negativity


Experienced in one of two ways:


You come to us:

One day training (10:00 - 16:00) at Paintworks, BS4 3EH

Facilitator: Harriett Attwood

£150 per person


We come to you:

3 x two-hour twilights in your setting

£750 total

1:1 Coaching & Mentoring


Trainees, NQTs and those recently qualified need more support than others to secure good habits and be learning-focused. We can coach or mentor to help secure good, or push them to outstanding.



3 -5 sessions, approx 60 - 90 mins each

£100 per session

At our training venue or your choice