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We're  part of getting Bristol connected through our support for the charity Learning Everywhere

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Play & The Lunchtime Leader in collaboration with...

We are pleased to join forces with Children's Scrapstore to enhance the play and leadership skills of those that lead and manage lunchtimes.

Introduction: Play in Schools


A practical, hands-on half-day course is an essential introducion to the importance and value of play and the benefits it can have on children’s development.


The course covers:

-  What play is                                    

-  Value & importance of play in schools  

- The changing roles of lunchtime staff    -  Understanding how to support play


Facilitators: Children's Scrapstore




Positve Play Interventions


Two half-day sessions that build confidence and self-esteem, as well as  empower lunchtime leaders to engage in positive play. Includes:

- conflict resolution in the playground,

- getting children ready for afternoon learning,

- creating positive 'Wet Play' experiences,

- being professional role models.


Facilitators: Children's Scrapstore

All lunchtime staff



£330 per half day 

in your setting

Three offers available...

Experienced in one of two ways...

Scrapstore PlayPod Refresher


3-hour session for schools that have PlayPods, and perhaps have new staff joining the team. Or feel a refresher for the whole team, as well as those new to the school, would be beneficial.


Governors, Parents & Family Volunteers are also welcome.


Facilitators: Children's Scrapstore


Individual staff

Training Venue


£50 per person

per half day

in our venue

To download the full Scrapstore training leaflet, click here

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