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Responding to requests from Head teachers, teachers and support assistants (both in post and training), these sessions aim to improve a person's questioning skills for deeper learning.

Questioning skills


Focused mainly on those that support children, this session looks at several approaches to questioning to delve underneath a child's responses, moving away from adult/child 'Ping Pong' to 'Pinball'.


The session explores:

-  What questioning is (and what it is not)                                  

-  Age and stage questioning

-  Questioning Matrix

-  Questioning approaches for specific   learning difficulties


Facilitator: Charlie Proctor

Session lasts 2.5 hours


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Questioning for deeper learning


Questioning to encourage a deeper form of thinking is not as easy as it appears. Asking open-ended questions will simply go just underneath the surface, not deeper. Aimed at teachers, both less and more experienced.


The session explores:

-  What questioning is (and what it is not)                                  

-  Surface, shallow and deeper thinking

-  Different questioning models

-  Approaches to questioning that promote sustained, independent responses


Facilitator: Nicholas Garrick

Session lasts 2.5 hours



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£200 per half day 

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