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Talking Heads

Simply put: the time and space for Headteachers, Principals and School Leaders to reflect, think, discuss, debate and support each other in a confidential, stress-free environment.


With no agendas, the facilitated sessions are steered by those that participate. At the end of each session, a skeleton agenda will be drawn up for the next and notes taken during  discussions will be shared amongst the group.

Talking Heads


Connecting and collaborating with other school leaders in a calm thinking space.


The sessions could explore:

- Good 'v' Outstanding Teaching                                

- Ofsted expectations, tips and trades

- Mastery-led learning

- Assessment changes


The agenda for the first session will an exploration of possible future content, and a sharing of each school's development plans.

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You come to us:

Four breakfast sessions (08:00 for an 08:30 start - 11:00) at Paintworks, BS4 3EH

Facilitator: Nicholas Garrick

£200 per person for all four sessions



We come to you:

As a partnership or federation you may already have a group and want us to come to you.  No problem: contact us using the form below.

£250 per half day

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